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 What Is A Pre Purchase Drain Survey?

 If your seeking to purchase a new home a few things are advisable such as Roof inspections, plumbing surveys, electrical testing and central heating checks, these are all quite commonplace, but one type of inspection often overlooked is a pre-purchase drain survey.


Drainage problems are not noticeable from visual inspection or from above ground, and a fault in your drainage system can be expensive to sort out after a purchase goes through and due to the costs involved with repairing a damaged or completely collapsed drain, many mortgage providers are now requiring buyers to perform these surveys before they will be granted the finances necessary to purchase a home.


Managing Problems


Sometimes problems with drains are relatively simple to resolve, perhaps a build-up of debris simply needs a rod pushed into the drain to clear it.

Other problems are more difficult to manage. Cracked drains, or ones that have been damaged by root growth underground, may need to be replaced entirely or in sections, meaning you’ll require a full excavation. Old fat that has been poured down the sink can congeal and need specialist high pressure water jets inserted into the drain to clear it away.

The trouble with many of these measures is the cost involved. Therefore, any problems with the drainage system should be known by the buyer so that they are reflected in the price which is being offered.

A pre-purchase survey of the drains may identify a potential problem area which will mean that the property has been overvalued by the seller. This is valuable knowledge for any potential buyer as it could save thousands of pounds and a lot of hassle in the future.


This type of survey involves the use of a closed-circuit television camera being inserted into the relevant drain. In this manner, any evidence of a blockage, cracks or other types of damage can be easily discovered. This is important, for if a specific area of a drain or irrigation system is identified as having a problem, the issue can be discreetly targeted as opposed to having to go through a massive amount of physical exploratory work.


 The CCTV Survey


The survey itself is performed rather quickly with the aid of a drainage schematic and should any type of blockage be found, it can normally be removed on the first visit, thus saving the potential homeowner time and money. In fact, a good portion of blocked drains are cleared within an hour after a problem is identified.

Using modern and proprietary technology, CCTV surveys are able to uncover a number of potential hazards within a drainage system. While the most common instance is a simple blockage due to soap scum, hair or food residue, these investigations can also detect cracks in a pipe, a joint deformation, a compromise of water flow due to roots or a collapse of the pipe itself. This technique is relatively non-invasive, so there is little chance of more damage being done to the system as the survey is being performed.


What Are The Advantages?


The advantages of this type of drain survey are two-fold. First and foremost, the evidence found is frequently mandatory when presenting any type of homeowner’s insurance claim.

Secondly, identifying the exact location will make it quicker and easier for engineers, architects or local authorities to identify and rectify the problem without causing ancillary damage.

Another benefit of obtaining a pre-purchase survey is the fact that, should a problem be found before one moves into a home, any costs involved can often be covered by an existing homeowner’s insurance policy. On the other hand, if a blockage is found after you take up residence, it is rare for the costs to be covered by an insurance policy. Therefore, the one-time price of a survey can far outweigh the potential damages incurred by not having one performed.


Accompanying A Industry Standard Hardback/PDF  Report


All such surveys are concluded with a clear and concise explanation of the problem that is accompanied by a hardback or PDF report of the process. Not only can this save on insurance costs, but the actual price of the house may be further negotiated by subtracting the costs of the work that may need to be performed.

These are a few of the primary reasons why potential homeowners opt to have a pre-purchase drain survey performed on a property before any legal contracts are signed.

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