how do I remove black spots from my patio


Removing The Black Spots From Patios And Driveways


 The UK offers very good weather conditions for lichen, due to the damp conditions we have these Black Spots can easily mature and sink deep into the pours of your block paving or natural stone patio (the most vulnerable to black spotting) 

Pressure Washing Black Spots

You can clean off black spots with domestic pressure washers if you have a relatively newly laid driveway or patio but once the lichen has matured and its ‘tendrils’ have gone deep enough they can be very difficult to tackle, scrubbing with abrasive tools and DIY pressure washers such as Kärcher will not cut it and the black spotting with continue to grow.


High temperature steam cleaning is a good alternative option if you have the budget but sometimes cannot remove remaining stubborn ‘deep seeded’ marks. 


Best Way To Clean Black Spots From Patios


We have found the best method for removing these difficult lichen is a combination of pressure washing with a commercial rotary unit and a evenly spread cleaning chemical that seeps into the stones pours and kills the black spot at its root. Eco friendly chemicals for patios surrounded by foliage is recommended and industrial strength chemicals (correctly diluted to prevent stone damage) for the highly populated and deep seeded lichen black spots.

This black spot removal technique has proven to be very successful with us over the years and we have had great looking results from even the most highly covered patios suffering from stubborn black spots.


We do provide a pressure washing black spot removal service in Essex, if you would like to know more about our process


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We at AquaDrain Environmental have been providing this black spot removal service to countless patios in the Essex area including Brentwood, Chigwell, Romford, Basildon And ChelmsfordRestoring colours, deep cleaning black spots and sanding and sealing patios and driveways for a very good looking finish.

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how do I remove black spots from my patio image
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